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May 7, 2012

Tim Hwang Isn't A Lawyer, But He Plays One Online

Tim Hwang is a 25 year-old Internet goofball who wants to shake up the legal system in a serious way. In 2010, he founded Robot, Robot & Hwang, a “legal startup” that while a joke, is serious about creating conversations about how technology can influence our legal system. He envisions a world where technology can be implemented to solve a lot of the inefficiencies and data-crunching that the legal system just can’t handle. According to Hwang, “I don’t think lawyers necessarily need to learn how to code. But I think we will see a more entrepreneurial and innovative approach to law, where you’ll have more options than just doing the law-firm thing–you can launch tools and products to help people help themselves.” Check out the rest of this funny and provocative article here. What do you think? Should our legal system be embracing more tech-centered solutions?