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May 8, 2012

The 13-year-old CEO who invented a cure for hiccups

Hiccups are annoying, and for thousands of years until now, there has been no cure. Mallory Kievman thinks she has the answer: a combination of sugar, apple cider vinegar, and lollipops. She calls it the “Hiccupop.” What else is so special about her? She’s not even in high school yet. The 13 year-old cooked up her invention two years ago after she had a bad case of the hiccups herself, she tried 100 different folk recipes to get rid of them, but to no avail. That’s when she got the idea to combine three of them together, a formula that finally seemed to work. The next step for the tween entrepreneur is to find a manufacturer to get everything ready for the official product launch this summer. Check out the rest of this inspiring article here.