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Lumia 900 with Linked Inboxes

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – With multiple email accounts, umpteen social networks, a truckload of apps, old and new contacts swooping in screaming for your attention, things can quickly get pretty messy.

The Nokia Lumia 900, 800 and 710 looks to sidestep the clutter by adding some elegant structure, allowing users to streamline key information so it’s accessible in less prods on the touchscreen. Here are ten ways Windows Phone’s innovative and intelligent approach to creating a sleek and enticing user interface, saves you time and keep you on the move.

1. Neat email
Who would’ve thought? While Linked Inboxes helps to keep everything tidy, the real beauty of this feature comes with choosing which email accounts you’d like to bring together under one Live Tile. You can align work and personal accounts in four easy steps, while specific folders can also be pinned to start, where they’ll update dynamically.

2. Night on the Tiles 
We haven’t been excited about tiles since our better half insisted we spend Easter refitting the kitchen, but Windows Phone has us fired-up. These Live Tiles automatically come alive after missed calls, weather changes, sports scores, new messages, emails, social networking notifications and more. If anything happens you’ll see it in one peek at your Start screen. Glance and go: Because there are more important things to do.

3. Hubs
Curing smartphone OCD. Is there anything more satisfying than a well-organized smartphone? The dynamic Hubs ensure Xbox LIVE games, Office, Music and Movies stick to their own rooms without any distasteful bed hopping.

4. Faster snaps
We appreciate that you enjoy using your smartphone, but that doesn’t mean you should have to waste time endlessly prodding the screen to reach key features. The faster the better, especially when taking photos. The Camera app saves your previous settings to ensure brightness, exposure, contrast, and scenes are tuned to your preference. Autofix can also improve your shots if time is of the essence and a quick upload is required. Did we mention the physical camera button, which works even when the phone is locked?

5. Bing everything with one touch
Music recognition app Shazam is one of the coolest ever conceived and, for bar trivia cheats, it’s invaluable. However a similar service is built into Bing and accessible in just two presses. Bing Music shows up as part of the toolbar when you hit the Search soft key on your Lumia 900. Bing Vision (scans QR codes too), Local Scout and Voice Search are also accessible from the same menu.

6. Threaded messages
With Facebook, IM and SMS all running simultaneously, conversations can become like a Tarantino movie: Non-linear and indiscernible. In another innovative feature, unique to Windows Phone, Threaded Messages neatly aligns those chats in one place, so when you leave work and Facebook and resort to good ol’ fashioned texting, you can pick up where you left off in the same thread

7. Pinning it down
Live Tiles aren’t restricted to offering updates at a glance, they can also provide one-touch access to your favorite features. Email folders can be pinned to Start, while your favorite Foursquare location can be added for instant check-ins. If you’re an Evernote devotee, you can start penning your memoirs with a single tap by pinning “New note” to the home screen.

8. Quick social skills
Windows Phone is social networking dynamite (we mean it’s good, it won’t blow-up Facebook HQ). The Me Hub allows you to update statuses and view notifications from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn status (or all three) without entering separate apps. Setting-up Groups will also allow you to see the postings of only those deemed worthy.

Calendar on Lumia

9. Multitasking and background apps
Lumia 900 owners can quickly, easily and elegantly transition between their open apps with a long-press on the back button. Many apps have been upgraded for Windows Phone 7.5 to run in the background, meaning that apps like iHeartRadio and Slacker will sooth your soul with country classics, while you send emails or check social networks.

10. To do or not to do
What’s more important? Your long-ignored to-do list, a friend’s gig, or that voluntary team-building marathon your boss scheduled? Lumia 900 makes it easier to get your priorities straight by streamlining your own reminders, Exchange dates and Facebook events into the Calendar app. Don’t worry though, that “Happy Hardcore Ravers Reunited” event you declined on Facebook won’t show up as an option.