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SUNNNYVALE, CA, United States – is a site where you can find just about anything for purchase. One facet that makes such a great e-commerce site are the reviews the community can leave on each product for sale there.

The reviews are typically very well written and reflect the purchasers’ true feelings (good or bad) about a product. We’re happy to see that purchasers of the Nokia Lumia 900 are happy with the phones capabilities and features. It’s fantastic to see that with more than 300 reviews, the Lumia 900 still has a 5-star rating.

Amazon ratings

Here’s a few samples of what people are saying:

Luis says his bride is really happy with her Lumia 900:

Well, this was not expected. I purchased this phone for the wife but wasn’t sure if she’d like it as she’s not into technology. As of last week, she didn’t want to get on the smartphone wagon as she deemed them too complicated to use. As some reviewers have stated, the OS is so simple that she doesn’t seem to be able to stop playing with it. The biggest benefit for her is that, and I quote:”I don’t have to do anything to see what everyone is doing!, I can just look at the home screen”. Well, good for her. Also, I guess the read-text feature is also a plus as she’s not one to use a blue-tooth device while driving-hence why she never picks up the phone or answer calls until she’s able.

Fast mobile speeds are important, especially to those who like to stream video. Sky Blue, an Amazon reviewer, says:

This phone makes web surfing eminently enjoyable. Video streaming speed is phenomenal — no buffering issue whatsoever! I watched the baseball and news clips without a pause while walking on the street, which is something that does not happen always even with my slow home wifi! These were unthinkable feats with my previous Iphone 4S.

Owners of the Lumia 900 keep saying this phone is the perfect size, as does Bacchus:

The Lumia 900 is absolutely gorgeous and has a huge screen measuring 4.3 inches. The phone feels great in my hand and can be operated easily with just one hand. My HTC Titan with its 4.7 inch screen was a little difficult to use one handed so I really think Nokia hit the sweet spot at 4.3 inches. I do wish the screen sat flush with the bezel like the Lumia 800 because the 900’s screen does protrude slightly which isn’t as aesthetically pleasing to me. This is just my opinion and doesn’t impact the functionality of the phone one bit. Overall this phone is gorgeous!

Lastly, Gary Hsu writes the loves how the Lumia 900 integrates with the rest of the technology in his life:

Integration with Windows Live allows me to easily update my calendar, contacts from my desktop and see it everywhere desktop/laptop/phone. I can also sync Lotus Notes from work to GMail and have it seamlessly integrate into the phone’s calendar and mailbox. Work calendar entries can overlay on the same calendar color coded for work versus personal calendar entry. It’s really a great OS.

As for the Lumia 900, it’s fast/very responsive. The screen is bright with great contrast. Try watching Netflix on this phone at 4G LTE speed on this large screen and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

And if you’re still not convinced that the Lumia 900 is a great phone, then you can always ask an independent expert

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