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May 12, 2012

Teleportation: New records have been broken!

via Flickr: gnackgnackgnack

Is this the closest we’ve been to human teleportation? I think so, but the scientists behind this quantum communication breakthrough may think differently. Some Chinese physicists have smashed the land distance record for teleportation, the notion that you can transfer one object from one location to the other without physically transporting the object between A and B (beam me up Scotty). We’ve all played the game Worms and needed to use transportation to get out of troubled water right? Well this concept is very similar.

What would you transport across the world? The physicists in this record breaking case have teleported entagled protons over a distance of 97 kilometres. Using a high tech laser they teleported more than 1100 protons in 4 hours across a lake in China! Talk about science fiction. Read the in-depth details of teleportation by following the link at the top of this post.