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May 13, 2012

Big Debate: Music or Games?

I’m stepping into Paul’s shoes today to take our weekly look at a smartphone question that has been on our minds recently at Nokia Connects. Today is a good one that should spark some lively ‘debate’ (read argument).

What if (and the argument is slightly moot as there’s plenty of room for both on your Nokia) you could only have either music or games on your phone? I know which side I’d come down to (I’ll let you know at the end, if you’re interested).

The Big Debate: Music vs. Games

I travel a lot on the bus and SkyTrain (like a regular train, but in the Sky! [also underground]) and therefore have a lot of time on my hands during these journeys. So I fill those times with… Yep, I’m the guy sitting with his head bent over the screen, blurred thumbs, occasionally muttering under my breath when I can’t complete a certain level.

via Pocket Gamer

So games are quite important to me, so maybe I’d opt for saving my games….

…but on the other hand, sometimes it’s great jut to switch off and lose yourself in your favourite music (James, in case you were wondering). And with Nokia Music I can now listen to all sorts of mixes on my awesome BH-905i’s. But not too loudly when I’m on the bus, of course.

via NokiaWP

So music plays a large part in my relaxation, so maybe I’d choose to only have music on my Nokia Lumia 800.

Well, the moment I’m sure you’ve all (not) been waiting for. I’d go for games. Every time.

But what about you? If you had to make the difficult choice, which side would you come down on? Let us know by leaving a comment, or using #NokiaDebate on Twitter.