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GLOBAL – Want to find more things to do with your Nokia Lumia? Want the scoop on the latest apps or to get behind the screen with some top tips? The chances are that you’ll be able to get the hit you want from one of the numerous blogs devoted to Windows Phone out there.

Here’s what’s currently on our reading list. Note that we have excluded Nokia-specific blogs from this list: that’s one for another article to itself.

Windows Phone Blog

official windows phone blog

This is the official blog from Microsoft and it’s the place to go to get the facts on what’s happening on their side. You’ll get news about new software releases, hardware from the whole range of manufacturers and service updates, such as the news that Marketplace has gone live in 22 new countries. 

Windows Phone Developer blog

windows phone developer

Another official Microsoft offering, this one is aimed at the people making apps for the platform. It’s a great source of information and inspiration for programmers. Even for non-programmers, it’s well worth keeping an eye on for background information and stories about how apps are designed and delivered.

We found this story about the ways Microsoft is improving the Marketplace a good read, for example.

Channel 9

channel 9

This is a Microsoft-owned community site that exists as part of the Developer Network. As the name suggests, the content is pretty much all video. Of especial interest to Nokia Lumia owners is Hot Apps, a series of three-minute videos showing the highlights of four new apps. Also check out the Windows Phone Minute series, focused on hints and tips to let you get more out of your phone.



This is the site for those who want all the news on Windows Phone they can swallow. Updating around half-a-dozen times a day, the site picks up on every new app, hardware deal and press release. Notable recently was this in-depth look at the new City Lens beta.

All About Windows Phone


The latest from the same team as ‘All About Symbian’, this site does exactly what it says on the cover. We like the way the site has two separate sections. There’s the main editorial content, which tends to be long-form, thought-provoking and (usefully) opinionated. Then there’s the ‘Flow’ section that captures links of interest from around the Web. Also of especial note is the weekly podcast, rounding up the news and arguing the toss about the latest developments. 



This site bills itself the “largest independent Windows Phone community” and we have no reason to doubt that’s true. Again, the site produces an enormous volume of stories about all the latest news, apps and issues in our segment of the industry. We like this site because it seems to snag stories that others might ignore, such as this app from Dutch bank Rabobank.

That’s probably plenty for most people’s attention span. Any other significant sites we should add?

image credit: gualtiero