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Nokia PureView 808

GLOBAL – The multi-award winning Nokia 808 PureView isn’t yet available but it’s certainly attracting a lot of attention. Our PureView technology uses a large sensor to capture greater detail and purer colours than was ever possible before on a camera phone, and allows for a digital zoom that doesn’t lose detail.

A couple of the devices passed – all too briefly – across our desks recently and naturally, the art director scooped them up and sent them off to be photographed before we had a chance to have a proper play with them.

Today, we have the fruits of that shoot to share with you. This is the stunning white Nokia 808 PureView, you can check back next week to see the results in red.

As before, you can click through to see the full-sized image and download a zip file with all the originals.

Nokia 808 PureView White
Nokia 808 PureView homescreen
Nokia 808 PureView end to end
The classic Nokia 808 PureView

photographer: Leo Acker