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White Nokia Lumia 900

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – We believe your phone should be able to handle text messaging, Facebook messages and email so simply you don’t even have to think about it.

This is where the Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 truly shine. Using the Messaging application, text messages and chatting all happen in the same application. So, for me, it doesn’t matter if my Mom messages me from inside Facebook on her computer or from her mobile via SMS, it all comes through as “Mom Harris”. 

Text and Facebook chat messaging, all together
As explained above, I use a variety of messaging methods depending on who is trying to connect with me. When it comes to text messaging or Facebook Chat, Nokia and Windows Phone have It covered.

Using the Messaging application and viewing Threads, you can see conversations split up by the name of the contact you initiated the conversation with.

For example, if you click “New” in Threads, you’re prompted to put in a name. If you’re signed into Facebook on your phone and Facebook Chat is enabled in Messaging Settings, you’ll be asked how you want to reach that recipient.

I love how, in this situation, Facebook and SMS messages are displayed in one window – this creates ease in an already hectic life and puts people at my fingertips, no matter where they happen to be. Also, group SMS messages are all handled in one thread, keeping the conversation in context no matter who replies and when they decide to do so.

How do you enable this amazing functionality of Facebook and SMS messages appearing in one place? Be sure you connect your Windows Phone to Facebook by adding your account (more info below on this below). Then, when you receive messages (either Facebook or SMS), if the person is in your phone’s contact list and a Facebook friend, their messages will be visible in one handy spot..

Email to the rescue

Personally, I have three email accounts to keep track of, consisting of a single work account and two personal email accounts. In my case, my work email is Exchange based and my two personal emails are both Gmail accounts. This mix is easily handled by Windows Phone. 

When I set up a new email account, Exchange, Yahoo, Gmail and Windows Live accounts are handled easily with on-screen menus. For those of you who use IMAP or POP, enter your credentials and server information in the Settings -> Accounts configuration menus.

Each account is given its own Live Tile on the homescreen. The email interface in Windows Phone is threaded and shows all essential information including sender name, subject and time the email was sent.

Separate or linked Inboxes
One capability I find very useful is the ability to see unread message counts in the home screen for each individual email account.  Alternatively, Windows Phone users can link inboxes to that all your email is seen in one application in a more easy-to-use scenario.

The buttons and information provided in the inbox view and individual message views are intuitive and occupy the screen with enough information to be useful, but not clutter the screen.

What do you think about messaging on your Nokia Lumia 900 or Lumia 710 so far?

Image Credit: Ed Siasaco