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GLOBAL – In the old days I thought it was exciting that you could ‘get the news’ on your mobile. Little did I know that it’s much more fundamental than that. Now, like most people, reading on a mobile has transformed what I know, and how I find it out.  


Sometimes its great to filter through feeds and social networks to read about everything from mobile tech in Africa to moment by moment reports of WW2, but its also a bit overwhelming. 


There’s no longer some ‘news editor’ telling me that I need to read something important – I’ve got the freedom to judge that for myself. But the downside is that I’ve sometimes got to wade through all the boring and irrelevant stuff too.


my6sense page

My6sense isn’t the first newsreader app, but it does have an interesting ‘digital intuition engine’ that monitors the content – not just the headline – of what you actually open and read, and so should give you a more sophisticated output.


You can import all your feeds and favourite websites as well as Twitter and Facebook – and select the topics that you like.  


It’s easy and straightforward to use and add your social network accounts.


My6sense also filters by date, so you don’t get the same old information, and let’s you split your feeds and tweets into different areas – so you can separate out history, from current affairs, or sports.

If you read something you like, the app makes it easy to share it with everyone else on one of your social networks. 

It’s like flicking through a personalized digital magazine, with a content engine that’s fine-tuned to figuring out what you actually like to read, and if your preferences are changing. That takes a little time – the more you read on my6sense the quicker the ‘digital intuition engine’ gets to know you, and reaches ‘Lord of the Senses’ status.

My6sense says they aim to guide you through the “flood of content” until you reach the “jewels of the land.” Maybe it’s not quite like that, but it is like reading your own curated content, without having to do any of the heavy lifting.