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May 18, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects this week

Yet another week has tick-tocked and tip-toed its way past us, I definitely didn’t notice it, did you? Today we cast the net back across the last seven days to hopefully catch some of the most engaging and down right funny comments posted by you lovely people at home. We have films, playwrights, creativity and a little box man this week…all of which has been comment-worthy. 

1. Why it’s easier than ever to be a film star

Not only was this my favourite post of the week on Nokia Connects but I also happened to notice a rather lovely and thought provoking comment. Joel highlighted in the post that the barriers to entry in film making are now lower than ever thanks to the broad array access we have to affordable film making technology. The notion that literally anyone can make it ‘big’ in the industry sparked a great thought inside the head of one of our community members:

Michelle Gilstrap 12:06 pm May 17th, 2012

Capturing instant news and things as they happen will also lead to community reporters, like we have never seen before. We are already seeing incidents being caught on video by cell phones when police step out of line. 

I love the idea of community reporters Michelle, I know I would much rather head to a community reporter site to get live video updates. Lets make it happen! Or does this kind of dedicated website already exist for budding reporters (outside of just YouTube)? Let me know if you can!

2. Art class: Are we the most creative generation ever?

Ahh finger printing with paint takes me back. Back to a time at Infant School when everyone was deemed to be creative, just by making a mess! In this post we compared and contrasted different creative generations and questioned whether we were the most creative generation ever. I personally disagree that we are, purely because we now have the tools and disposable income to give the impression that we are far more creative than we really are. It’s a tough one to call. Abacnok tended to agree with my views:

Abacnok 08:37 am May 14th, 2012

I don’t think we are the most creative generation, we simply have more tools to get our creations out in front of the world to see. Many pre-teens know more about the internet and computers then I do and I am in my 60′s, but I feel it is becoming more difficult for people to be creative because of that simply fact. In the past, a person had to really be creative to get their work in front of the world to be seen.

There is a reason some of the world’s greatest painters (let’s be honest – the original ‘kings of creativity’) now have their art selling for millions upon millions of pounds. It is because they were early pioneers and individuals who had little to work with but a plain piece of canvas, some paint and the rest of the immediate world around them. Compare that to teenagers who now have a world of influence at their finger tips and thousands of creative points of reference. It begs the question, is anything truly original anymore?

I want to hear your thoughts on this topic guys and girls, ladies and gents….of all ages! Please do prove me wrong.

3. Social Innovator of the Week: Moayad Qabbari

I imagine this is the sort of comment that makes every social innovator, writer, artist, actor (you name it) feel a certain degree of accomplishment deep down inside after presenting their work to a wider community. Moayad has clearly worked hard to connect 50,000+ young people to events and organisations that help further personal development at a youthful age. So sit back buddy and enjoy this comment:

Yahya Ezzeldin 17:23pm May 15th 2012

Only few times I met you in person….but you always leave me with a great feeling. Change the world 🙂

I think this nice comment speaks for itself, overall this post had some very heart warming comments, clearly he is a very well respected man. I suggest you have a quick look if you get the chance.

4. The Nokia Connects photoboard: Pauline’s quest (click the image of the girl & little box man to see the comment)

via Visboo

The next comment was written this week but came from a post that Mani wrote on the 27th March this year. It just made me chuckle, this is pretty much the internal voice of a young person who wants something badly, we all know the feeling!

Briana needs A little box person 5:21 am May 15th

I love these pictures but the little box person stole my heart! I really wanna know how I can get my hands on one of these little cuties! Please reply! I am dying to know! Thank You So Much For your time! xoxoxox (to the little box person and the creater)

The ‘little cutie’ is actually called a Danbo cardboard robot and you can buy him online, he’s pretty cool and I can understand what all the excitement is about! I used to collect Kid Robot stuff and those toys had a similar effect on me (not afraid to admit it!).

5. Folk of genius: The 5 strangest habits of Ernest Hemingway

This was a great spot by community member John Higgins. In this post there is a great anecdote about how Ernest Hemingway once opened fire on a shoal of sharks with a Thompson submachine-gun to stop them scavenging on some fish he had just landed on a fishing trip. Somehow he managed to shoot both of his legs in the process! I mean that is a huge error, one leg is bad enough, let alone both!

John Higgins 14:27 pm May 18th 2012

Still curious how you manage to shoot yourself in both legs aiming at sharks!

Very observant John.

That’s it for now, keep commenting everyone, we love it! Share your views below and please do debate some of the questions raised above! Alternatively head to the usual portal of wonder @Nokia_Connects.