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May 19, 2012

App report: Nokia Reading, Twabbit and The Daily Beast

It’s the weekend which means here at Nokia Connects we go diving into the world of apps to bring you all the news and reviews you need to pass a pleasant few minutes on a Saturday.

via techshout

This week saw the release of Nokia Reading for Lumia phones, and there was much posted about the news. I picked the write up from techshout at random, and they say that for those who wish to ditch their regular printed books and who do not want to carry a separate ereader, this app will be ‘convenient as well as visually attractive’. With updates ‘already in the pipeline’, this is a must for any Lumia user.

There’s a new Twitter app on the block. Called Twabbit (and why not?) it brings a new feature to the table – gestures. As Joe Fedewa reports on WinSource, this is a welcome addition. Check out the video demo (featuring the Nokia Lumia 900):

A look now at The Daily Beast. No, not what I see in the mirror each morning when I wake up, but a new express way to catch up on your daily news. As Maximus points out on Just Another Mobile Phone Blog the app is ideal for getting ‘a news fix to get you up-to-date over your morning tea break’ as it provides a digest of news that is not just an RSS feed. Coupled with ‘fast, fluid navigation with striking graphical style’ it sounds like a winner to us. Check it out in the Marketplace for free.

Finally for this week, a shout out to carman58 who pointed me in the direction of his Nokia City Lens review after I made reference to it last week. Full of great images of what the app brings to your phone and useful info about whether it works (it does), it’s well worth a read.

Anything missing this week? Any app reviews or news you think should be included next week? Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment, or holler.