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May 21, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #20 – music edition

As this is the first post of the week, it is my very great pleasure to introduce you to #MusicWeek here on Nokia Connects. Look out for a musical slant to all our content this week, including one or more competitions to win some exclusive musical goodies.

As a kick off to this, today’s MMSM is packed with musical whimsies, melodious mirth-makers and heartfelt harmonic (chest) heaves.

via Huffington Post

The King of Pop is going on one final World Tour. Well…his costumes are, anyway. In your last chance to see a piece of Jacko history, his clothes and artifacts will travel the world from Europe to Asia and South America before being auctioned off (and presumably disappearing into some private collector’s vault). This made me smile in a wistful, ‘He was great once, then went a bit crazy’ way.


‘Show me the horse playing the guitar, Tom!’ I hear you cry. Always one to pander to the masses…

Found at The Awesomer

Pretty clever stuff. Must have cost the kid his entire allowance in sugar lumps. Made me smile – not because it’s a tuneless bit of silly, but because the horse is playing the guitar with his lips.


Ever seen one of those ‘Before They Were Famous’-style TV shows? Well there’s an exhibition in Dublin that’s starting soon that celebrates the life and times of the band U2 before they hit the big time. And the pictures are awesome. The hats! The glasses! The hair!

via Patrick Brocklebank/Little Museum of Dublin

This made me smile, because I have been listening to U2 since I was about 12 (thanks, Dad) and it’s great to see them in the very early days.


The latest in the long line of ‘kids doing cute things in the car while a parent records them’ videos is Grace. Eyes closed, head wobbling, hands out – she looks like she’s channeling the music.

Made me smile to see one so young who is so into music. Watch out for her on dancing competition TV shows in the future.


And finally, how about finding a new use for those old vinyl records (remember them? Ah, vinyl). Well these guys have grabbed a bunch of old records, a turntable, a video camera (and presumably a lot of patience) and made some pretty slick moves, even if it was some clever ‘viral’ marketing campaign.

Makes me smile due to the serious amount of time and effort must have gone into this video (just like all those basketball shots).


That’s your musical lot for this week. If you found something that might make me smile that has a musical flavour, let me know in the comments (to be included in next week’s Your Grins section) or send me an amusing message on Twitter (#MakeMeSmileMonday, of course).