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Video Game Music

We are excited to announce yet another Nokia Connects Live Podcast! It’s #MusicWeek so we thought let’s highlight two things we love and blow them together into one awesome topical ball of ear fun. We’ve combined the worlds of music and gaming for your listening pleasure, the end result is entitled ‘Video Game Sound Design’!

The Podcast below looks at the history, development, art and technique behind putting ‘sound and music’ on video games. From the earliest games like Mario and Tetris, to some top secret EA Games behind the scenes action!

Often the music and sound fx contained within games are overshadowed by amazing graphics and ‘that’ track they feature in the advertising for the game….well not today! Stick your cans on and enjoy…

For the full playlist of Nokia Connects listening please head here. Let us know about any of the thoughts brought up above @Nokia_Connects or below in the comment jukebox.