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Perk-up those photos with Thumba Cam app

GLOBAL – We’ve covered them before, here and here. What are we talking about? Photo apps on your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Now, here’s another one to get your teeth stuck into. Thumba Cam claims to be the best and fastest photo editor for your Windows Phone. Read on to find out why.

With a rating score of 4.5 (out of five), Thumba Cam seems to have all the right features in all the right places. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a few reviews from some of its users.


“Excellent app for photo editing on the go :)”

Mr Peps:

“Better than the instagram filters on other OS in my opinion.”


“Nice UI and well integrated into Windows Phone. Everything you’re likely to need for editing/sharing photos on the move.”

What is it that people are enjoying so much? Well, I for one am a big fan of using my cameraphone to capture my world. Whether it be a (beautiful) weed growing out from a crack in an urban landscape, a sunset over the fast-flowing River Thames or my son with food all over his face. Thumba Cam is there to help me add a little Je ne sais quoi to that perfect moment.

Editing a photo is easy, you can either select an image from your gallery from within the Thumba Cam app, or directly from the Pictures Hub using the integrated apps function. Alternatively, there’s the option to take a new photo from within the app, too.


However you’ve selected the photo to polish up, it’s the next bit that performs the magic. By selecting from the huge selection of effects – almost 60 – or from the 45 films, you can make your photo look vintage, grainy, or glamourous.

Once you’ve added a filter of some sort, you can crop the image that best suits your needs. Or, just leave it as it is, it’s really up to you.

Crop of dandelion

As is common with all photo-editing apps, you’ll probably want to share the finished product with all your friends, family or followers online. Pressing the Share on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr button to perform the task. There’s also a save photo option, if you’d rather keep it to yourself – not everything needs to be shared.

Sharing with Thumba Cam

With the amount of effects and films available, you’ll not likely be left feeling like you want more choice. There’s probably a filter for every occasion.

Thumba Cam is available for all Nokia Lumia smartphones, which include: the Nokia Lumia 610; Nokia Lumia 710; Nokia Lumia 800; and the Nokia Lumia 900.

Have you given it a try yet? Let us know what you think of it and also feel free to share some of the photos you create with this app, using the comments section below.