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May 24, 2012

Future Tech: Music in the year 2030

via Colleen Lane

As it’s #MusicWeek, we thought we’d take a look at the possibilities that future technologies open up when it comes to music and musical instruments. We put our Nokia Connects heads together and came up with…

The Nokia Connects designers used their crystal balls and tea leaves to look 18 years ahead and decided that the future of musical instruments lies in gesture control. The ‘instrument’ will be played by dabbing your fingers into a special material before a performance (or maybe having it embedded under your skin permanently for serious musicians) which will interface with the ‘lightboard’. It can be a piano with no keys, or transform into a set of decks for DJ-ing, or a slide guitar just by touching a button (virtually of course). It could be a whole orchestra (rather like an old school synthesizer), or a single instrument, or a scratch deck.

The designer also came up with a mystery instrument, purely for you – the community – to tell us how it works and what sounds it would produce.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section and we’ll share the best next week.