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May 25, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects this week

Scanning comments, scanning comments, waiting, waiting, top 5 comments found! Sorry, that was my ‘comments computer’ helping me source the best comments from Nokia Connects this week. It’s Friday, everyone is winding down, so I thought I would let a machine give me a helping hand!

I decided to input the words awesome, cool and informative into the search menu and this is what my metal friend found….

1. Music maker: How the internet can turn you into a rock star

Computer says yes! This first comment comes from some our Nokia Connects #MusicWeek output, some very humble words from a man who has clearly tried to get his music out there online. The post talked about the numerous tools musicians can now use to get their sound out to the wider world. This included the likes of  SoundCloud, Spotify and Tomahawk but Greg Bepper had a slightly more organic view of how you should measure your success, outside of your close social online community of friends who more often than not praise your work (even if it’s a little hmmmmm):

Greg Bepper on 2012/05/25 at 3:30 pm

‘Yes all these are fantastic tools to get your music out there…. worldwide… in a brief moment of time. BUT remember.. just because all your friends leave comments that you are ‘just so awesome’ doesn’t mean you can stop honing your talent. It’s work, hard work AND listen to your critics and don’t just dismiss them as ‘deadheads’ because maybe you are not as good (at the moment) as your friends say you are.’

2. 7 albums that changed music forever

This was always going to be a contentious post for us to put out on Nokia Connects, don’t get me wrong, it’s not controversial or anything, but music albums always divide opinion. I don’t think anyone out there could select just seven albums that changed the world without getting a backlash of music lovers suggesting some pivotal albums were missing. It’s a tough call, but I think Joel did a fantastic job (cough cough, think you missed Sgt.Peppers but that’s me being ultra critical, sorry mate). One of our community members did however jump in to defend Joel, which is always great to see (for the record I thought you all had valid points though).

Murray McCulloch on 2012/05/25 at 12:22 pm

‘Would just like to point out that the title of this blog was ‘7 albums that changed music forever’ – NOT ‘The Only 7 albums that changed music forever.’ Everyone has and is entitled to their opinion. These are excellent choices, and I await part two ‘Another 7 albums that changed music forever.’ Good work I enjoyed it.’

3.  No more slapping the bottle! MIT solves getting ketchup out of the bottle

Those clever cats over at MIT have solved one of life’s biggest mysteries, how you get stuff (KETCHUP!!) out of bottles easier. This truly is a ground breaking discovery to my simple mind, but one of the comments that eventually accompanied this post made me realise that there are greater mysteries yet to be discovered out there. Hear hear to James Scott:

James Scott on 2012/05/23 at 9:52 am

‘Another major world problem solved, now if they can only figure out what the washing machine does with those missing socks?’

4. 5 ways cameras will change in the next 5 years

I always love to highlight when someone takes some time out to look backwards instead of forwards. It always reminds me that we all move a little too fast in this world. Valid point Erin, valid point.
Erin Patrick on 2012/05/21 at 2:47 pm

‘I hope with all of this technology, we don’t take away from the pure art of photography. I’m sure people said the same thing when digital cameras first came out. I still like to shoot with film sometimes.’

5.  7 albums that changed music forever

via sjmck

I’m so sorry Joel, I just had to do this. Looks like Scar Bro agreed with my thoughts from above 😉

‘Sgt. Peppers?! That album changed the face of recording along with being one of the most influential albums of all time. Fail.’

That’s all folks, keep the comments coming in everyone. Share your views below, alternatively head to the usual hole in the wall @Nokia_Connects.