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May 25, 2012

Top ten Nokia Asha 300 apps from Nokia Store

Nokia Asha 300

The Nokia Asha family are specifically designed for people in the emerging markets. They’re affordable, long lasting and extremely easy to use. We’ve rounded up ten of the best apps available from Nokia Store that should make your mobile phone experience an even better one.


WhatsApp S40 Messenger – £Free
WhatsApp Messenger is an app that enables you to send messages to other people at no cost. Using a data connection – via 3G or WiFi – it means you’re not being charged for each message sent or eating into your SMS quota if you’ve got one. However, if you’re connecting through 3G, you’ll probably need a tariff with a data allowance.

WhatsApp Messenger works across many platforms, which means that people using other manufactured handsets can all use the same system.

This is free for the first year.


eBuddy Mobile Messenger – £Free
Much like WhatsApp Messenger, eBuddy is an instant messaging service. But there’s a difference. eBuddy connects you to all the major online IM services, such as: MSN; Facebook; Yahoo!; GTalk; AIM; MySpace; an ICQ.

This means that you’ll be able to talk to all of your online friends from various services all in one place on your phone.

Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera Mini Web Browser – £Free
Surfing the Web is a daily occurrence. Whatever you’re browsing for online, you’ll want a browser that offers great user experience.

On November 2011, Opera reported 144.6 million unique Opera Mini active users, so you can take assurance that all those people can’t be wrong.

Opera Mini Browser uses Opera’s servers to compress Web pages, making them faster to load. This means that you’ll be saving money when you’re browsing the World Wide Web. Plus, there’s the added feature of sharing web content on social networks.

The Weather

The Weather – £Free
Everybody likes to keep up-to-date with the weather. You don’t want to be stuck hours from home with only a pair of shorts on when it starts to rain. That’s where a weather app comes in handy.

With over 10,000 global cities in the database, find your city and add it to your weather map. With automatic updates every 30 minutes, you’ll always know whether to take a raincoat, or a pair of sandals.

Video HD

Video HD – £Free
Remember that video of the cat playing the piano on YouTube? The dog on the skateboard? Of course you do. Well, YouTube is a wonderful place full of videos of everything you could possibly want to watch.

With Video HD, you can watch the millions of funny, bizarre or entertaining videos right from your mobile phone.

Sophie Cam

Sophie Cam – £Free
Taking a photo is fun. Why not make it extra-fun and add some special effects using Sophie Cam then share it will all your friends. Roid, Housten, Dirty Cam and Retrorize are some of the effects at your disposal.

Wiki Encyclopedia

Wiki Encyclopedia – £Free
The Internet is a wonderful thing. It’s the one-stop-shop to all knowledge – usually via the Wikipedia service. Wiki Encyclopedia on your Nokia Asha is your gateway to the wealth of information on Wikipedia.

If you’re out away from your computer and want to learn about something, just open up this app. You’ll be presented with the day’s featured article if you’re looking for something new, or use the search function to find something specific.

Analogue Stop Watch

Analogue Stop Watch – £1.00
Sometimes, there are times in life, where you want to time something, and a stopwatch is really the only way to do it properly.

Analogue Stop Watch claims to be the most accurate analogue stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/10 seconds. There’s also a digital display for improved validity in the time reading.


EazzyShop – £Free
We’ve all been there. In the supermarket trying desperately to remember the grocery list we’ve jotted down in our heads. Rather then scratching your head and forgetting something important – like I usually do – use your phone as your shopping list.

Easy, free and saves you getting in trouble when you get home 😉

Dictionary & Translation Pro

Dictionary & Translation Pro – £Free
Connecting you to an online English dictionary, thesaurus and translation service you’ll never get stuck again with a meaning of a word, or what something means in different language.

Language professionals are constantly adding to the database of nearly 1 million words, so you know that the words and meanings being suggested are reliably correct.

While we’ve tested these on a Nokia Asha 300, they might also work on other Nokia Asha mobile phones, so feel free to give them a try.

Are you a Nokia Asha user? Have you found a use for any of these apps? Or, do you recommend and must-have apps? Let us know, using the comments section below.