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May 25, 2012

Week In Pictures – #MusicWeek Edition

As #MusicWeek reaches it’s finale, the crescendo to use a musical term, it’s time to sum up the week in musical pictures.

via The Vanguard

1. Music Week around the world

It seems that it’s not just #MusicWeek here on Nokia Connects, but in other places around the world too. This photo of Carmen Townsend in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia sums up what music means to her, and to a lot of other people too. I selected this image for her commitment to the song, passion and power. No wonder it helped the Yarmouth Music Week win an award this week.

2. Bollywood or bust

How could I bring you a week in pictures without sharing this Bollywood photo? Bollywood movies are inextricably linked to music, and the picture is a perfect embodiment of the grand set piece costumes and design that go with the songs. Apparently the movie it is taken from isn’t the greatest, but it didn’t seem to stop the dancers doing their thing.

via IBN Live

3. Shabazz Palace

This is an image from the Shabazz Palace gig last week at XOYO in London. The reason I chose it? Look how photographer Olivia Ford has captured the mood of the concert by positioning of the singer’s head and the spotlight. Nice.

via Clash Music

4. Are you a Belieber?

It was the Billboard Music Awards in the U.S. on Sunday and one of the performances that was the most visually stunning (yes, I watched them all), was the song from young Canadian export Justin Beiber. Lots of neon and contrast with dark/white, as seen here.

via The Justin Bieber Shrine

5. And your new Singing sensation is…

….Phillip Phillips, who won a popular singing contest in the U.S. It was revealed in the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live that a world record 132 million votes were received (just fewer than were cast in the last Presidential election!) This chap is in for a bumper payout, a record contract and pretty much guaranteed fame for the next few years at least.


So that was the week in pictures, #MusicWeek edition – awards, new stars and great pictures. Got any music-related photos that you have taken on your Nokia? Drop us a link in the comments and let us see!