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May 27, 2012

Get Pinspired! 5 reasons why you'll love Pinterest

Pinter-what, you say? Well, imagine a corkboard where the push-pins are replaced by a button on your browser taskbar, and the pictures you want to clip and save are pictures you’ve found online. Voila – Pinterest!. It’s been around for a while, but it’s really only in the last few months it’s taken off. Now it’s the newest Internet image-sharing sensation, and it couldn’t be niftier. So step aside, Flickr – here at Nokia Connects, we’ve got a new techno-crush.

1. Easy As Pie

Unlike other photo-sites, with Pinterest you don’t have waste your time going through laborious save-file-to-desktop-and-uploading procedures. Instead, simply save the Pin It button to your taskbar. Then, when you find a picture you’d like to share, just click the button, and hey presto! You’ve thumb-tacked your pic to your Pinterest board. There’s also a mobile app for on-the-go Pinning. It couldn’t be easier if you were using actual pins.

2. Split Personalities

You can have as many boards as you want on Pinterest, so you’ll never get your virtual sketchbook for your art-class mixed up with your dream gadgets or your desert-dirt-bike fantasy-holiday snaps. Pinterest = Interest! Everything has its own special online compartment and each board is displayed on-screen like an actual notice-board, so you can see all your paintings/dream gadgets/bike on-screen at once. Handy!

3. Nosy Parker

Aside from letting you save pictures you’ve come across in dusty corners of the Internet,  Pinterest lets you see what other users have been Pinning. You can Follow people, twitter-style, Repin their images, and search for pictures using keywords/tags. So when you’re desperately hunting for the latest coolest mobile just run a quick search for smartphone and you’ll be launched into a wonderland of high tech wizardry. It’s more effective than a Google Image search and it lets you connect with like-minded people. Double win!

4. Link Me Up

There’s no place like the Web for interconnectivity; Pinterest lets you add a button to your blog or website so that your readers can quickly Pin your images to their own boards, even if they don’t have the taskbar button installed on their own browser. Check out the pin at the bottom of this post to see what we mean. You can also add a Follow button, so they can stalk your Pinning, and you can integrate the service with Facebook and twitter so that all your friends can see what pictures you’ve lately tacked to the wall.

5. Fun Time

We’ve now launched our very own official Nokia boards showcasing the things we love best. And after a couple of months of playing around we can confirm it’s a whole lot of fun to play with. Not only did we you get the chance to pin things about Nokia we love, but we also got the chance to see what other people pin about Nokia. It’s both a trip down memory lane, a look into the future and sometime a great laugh, all combined in a page of picture paradise.

Five pretty compelling reasons to get involved, don’t you think? If you can think of any more we’d love to hear them. And if you’re already a Pinner, why not follow our boards and see the world through Nokia eyes.