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May 27, 2012

Review: Nokia Purity headset by Monster

As we come to the end of our Nokia Connects #MusicWeek I feel it’s only right that we talk about some of the great accessories Nokia has to offer all music lovers.

So here we have a class video from generalthedestroyer of TheTechSurge. Some of you may be aware that Chris Webber (President at Nokia US) sent generalthedestroyer a package full of Nokia goodies and accessories. Now, after the excitement subsides it’s time for reviews to unfold, starting with the Nokia Purity headset by Monster.

via TheTechSurge

Impressed by the material and anti-tangle nature of the wires, generelthedestroyer thinks this marries well with their exceptional sound quality, classy looks and comfortable design, concluding that you won’t find a better headset for the price.

Do you agree with generelthedestroyer or are you still yet to try a pair for yourself? We have them available for trial right now if you are yet to try a pair, so feel free to sign up.

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