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May 28, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #21

Mondays, especially where I live, seem to attract rain and grey skies like it’s some sort of celestial conspiracy. So let me lighten the mood somewhat…

via Design Buzz

It may well be a fake, or at the least completely unrealistic, but this concept floating car from the German manufacturer Volkswagen made me smile. It looks like something from Back To The Future or Bladerunner or Star Wars (something futuristic anyway), and is cool. There are some naysayers who claim that the force of the air needed to keep it in the air would knock people over within a 30 foot radius, but I say ‘Pah!’ Imagine this coupled with Google’s driverless cars. I’ve seen the future!


via Newmac Expedition

Kickstarter has been responsible for many things – from comic books to watches that sell out before they are even made. But this could be the gutsiest request ever. A dinosaur hunt. Yeah, you did read that right. Not quite the Jurassic Park T-Rex dinosaurs, but the Mokele-mbembe that has been reportedly sighted by pygmy natives. Amazingly, they have received almost $29,000 to date – but promising naming right to a new species that they haven’t discovered yet as one of the pledge tiers is, in my opinion, a little hopeful. It made me smile, anyway, just that there are still dinosaur hunters and people willing to give them money!


via DIY Photography

Ever seen a $1 bill and thought ‘I know, instead of using that dollar to buy a soda, or put it towards getting my hands on a Nokia Lumia, I’d really like to use it to fold my very own really small (non-functioning origami camera’? Well, my friends, never wanting to disappoint even the most niche of requests (imaginary or not), here’s how you can achieve the most cutest (and maybe cheapest) cameras. It makes me smile at the futility of the task, unless you’re an origami master.


There was tough competition for the final slot this week between a house that either floats on a river or can be a treehouse and coasters made from a Rubik’s Cube (that can be stacked to make a functioning puzzle). And the winner is:

via The Awesomer

This made my inner (and outer) geek smile.


Quick Grins

With absolutely no excuses (this is my post, after all), Quick Grins this week is 100% animal based:

Pandas. On a slide.

Bear cubs. In a conga line.

A dog. On a bike.


So what’s made you smile this week? Share links or stories with us (comment preferred, though Twitter is also an option), and you will see them appear next week