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May 28, 2012

Nokia Sustainability: 5 things you didn't know

Today marks the publication of Nokia’s 2011 Sustainability Report, an in-depth look at everything the company is doing to maximise corporate responsibility – or as we like to call it here at Nokia Connects, ‘doing good’. But for those of you who don’t have the time to wade through the 140-page report (though I’d recommend it, it makes fascinating reading!), here’s the low-down of 5 important facts that you might not know about Nokia’s commitment to people and planet.

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1. Recycling

Nokia has the world’s largest mobile phone recycling network, with 6,000 take-back points in almost 100 countries! Last year alone, Nokia collected 60% more recycled phones and accessories than in previous years. As well as actively recycling, Nokia have been involved in various campaigns to raise awareness about the environment and to ‘create a recycling culture’ – one of the highlights from 2011 was the Nokia ‘Recyclimpics‘, held for the first time in Malaysia, where old phones were used in a series of Olympic-style games.

2. Changing lives

We’ve already spoken about how Nokia’s philosophy of ‘connecting the next billion’ is making a positive impact on people around the world, bringing mobile technology to everyone. Nokia Life has been a particularly good example of how this technology can make a real impact on people’s lives, with more than 60 million people around the world have experienced its services to get information on education, healthcare and agriculture. With additional resources such as Parenting and Life Skills and Nokia Mobile Mathematics, this coming year looks to be Nokia’s best yet!

3. Human Rights

Nokia have been committed to providing their employees with the best working conditions for years, and have held regular events to help promote the rights and needs of their workers. As one example of this, in the spirit of transparency, Nokia hosted a Human Rights Summit in Beijing in 2011 focusing on the social impact of multinational companies. As a result of the summit, Nokia became one of the companies involved in a pilot initiative in Beijing’s Development Area to promote safe and healthy working conditions.

4. Environmentally-friendly technology

Nokia remains committed to minimising the company’s impact on the environment, which includes the environmental credentials of all Nokia devices. Though its unswerving commitment to the planet, Nokia is proud to be able to say that they have the environmentally leading product range in the industry, with the Nokia 700 and Nokia Lumia 610 two of Nokia’s eco heros – the greenest phones on the market!

5. Enabling Sustainable Lifestyle

As well as looking into the ways its products and devices can be made more environmentally friendly, Nokia has been focusing on how it can create a positive impact by creating products and services that enable a sustainable lifestyle. For example, if only 1% of the over 1 billion people using Nokia devices would use their mobile device for attending a meeting instead of travelling there by plane even once a year, we would avoid around 8.8 million tonnes of CO₂ emissions. That’s impressive!


Do you think Nokia is doing enough to promote sustainability? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or in the usual 140 characters!