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May 29, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800: Parkour

The guys at LoveExtremeSports caught our eye here at Nokia Connects (something we’re familiar with after our look at free running in Barcelona), and we thought we’d give them a Nokia Lumia 800 and let them loose on the streets and rooftops.

via SwagFR

Words cannot begin to describe how I felt watching the video the guys from Swag Free Run produced. Constantly amazed at how they were not breaking bones on a regular basis, the gravity-defying mechanics of simply getting from A to B the way these guys do is awe-inspiring. Not that I’m going to get out of my chair right now and go try to do what they did (I’m not sure my insurance covers ER visits for snapped shins caused by free running) – but the guys from team Swag are on Twitter (if you can keep up with them).

via SwagFR
*This video was made by skilled athletes – please do not try to replicate the actions you see in this video at home*

What do you think? Could you produce a video as hide-behind-the-cushion awesome as this if we loaned you a Nokia Lumia 800 for a few days? Let us know your plans on our Trial a Nokia page.

**This is obviously amazing, but please don’t try this at home!**