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May 29, 2012

Social Innovator of the Week: Kimmo Lintula – Kamppi Chapel of Silence

Last week I highlighted a budding, young and successful fashion designer by the name of Leila Kashanipour. Today I’m switching our focus away from fashion and jewellery design to architecture and religion. Nokia Connects managed to secure a chat with one of the key architects behind the Kamppi Chapel of Silence in Helsinki, an exciting example of some modern architecture opening its doors for the first time this week.

via K2S Architects

Back in late 2007 Kimmo Lintula and his employers (K2S Architects) were contacted and commissioned by the City Planning Office of Helsinki to embark on an exciting new project in the capital. By the summer of 2008 they had created five separate designs to fulfill their brief, but only one could come to fruition! Now, in 2012, the site is teetering on the edge of completion.

K2S Architects were asked to create a place of silence in a busy/commercial area of the city. A place that offered people the opportunity to compose themselves in one of Finland’s most lively urban spaces. The answer was the Kamppi Chapel of Silence; a space that opens its arms to everyone, supported predominantly by the parish union of Helsinki.

via Tuomas Uusheimo

Kimmo mentioned that he had loved working on the project and that it was an amazing place for people to not only relax but also to speak to someone willing to listen.

“The presence of a social worker and priest in one location could really change someone’s life, let alone the effects of the building design on the busy surrounding area.”

Nestled in between business offices this unique looking building has most definitely caught the eye of architects all over the world. Its interior is truly awe-inspiring and you can understand why the space is designed to sooth the soul.

via Arkkivahti

This is how Kimmo’s company described the structure, you can find some excellent drawings of the chapel on their homepage:

via K2S Architects

The structure opens this Thursday with a special service. If you live or work in the area I suggest you head down to check it out. If you do head down, please send us some photos and we can add them to this post! Tweet us anything you take @Nokia_Connects or just let us know what you think of the design below.