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Thanks to GPS technology, and great Finnish policing, one man has been reunited with his mobile.  It might not have been the crime of the century – but it’s easy to get attached to your Nokia Lumia, and if it goes AWOL you’ll want it back!


Nokia’s Mikko Lintunen admits this was not the first Lumia he’d misplaced, “They are quite smooth and sometimes they slip out of my trouser pocket.”


Realising that black was harder to find Mikko had already taken the precautionary measure of getting his new Lumia in magenta (It’s ok Mikko, we know you just wanted to get a pink phone.)


Last week, however, even that went missing:


“I got out of a taxi and then went for dinner with my friend…when I realised – my phone’s not there. I borrowed my friend’s phone and called my own number but there was no answer.”


After trying a few more tries without answer, Mikko realised there was a way to find out where his missing Lumia was.


He’d already registered the phone, and so went home and logged on to After he typed in his number the site searched for GPS coordinates and located the phone in downtown Helsinki.


Mikko tried calling again, and even sent an SMS, but heard nothing – and when he checked the GPS position again he saw that his missing Lumia was on the move.


“I called the police and they agreed to send a police car out to get my phone. I could see now from the GPS on that my phone was heading towards a main square, and what I knew was a burger bar.”


Within minutes the police had found a group of men in the burger bar, and retrieved Mikko’s phone.

The police returned it to Mikko’s house, and he was reunited with his Lumia at 2am in his pajamas.  


“It was great to get my phone back, watching the remotely locked screen displaying “This is my lost phone, please call me to this number…” and unlock the phone with my security code. Phew!”


Great policing, but an even better tip on how to locate your Nokia Lumia using GPS, and