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With Memorial Day passed, so begins the summer travel season. As Americans head out on the road this summer, I’ll make the case that the Nokia Lumia 900 is the ultimate roadtrip accessory.  

With the Lumia 900, you’ll never get lost, never be without an amazing camera and you’ll have some great apps to help make your roadtrip a rousing success.

Let’s dig in and explore what elements will help you road trip in style with your Lumia 900.

Mount it

ProClip for Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is the perfect size for use in the car on the go. With its 4.3″ inch screen and ClearBlack Display, the screen is visible even in bright daylight while driving. However, how are you supposed to use the phone when you’re in the car?

That’s where the ProClip mount comes into play. The ProClip mount for the Lumia 900 was just released and gives a nice mounting option for inside your car. The ProClip tilts 20 degrees each way, allowing you to find the best angle to use your phone with.

The ProClip for Lumia is custom fit so the device fits snug while allowing you to safely take the phone in and out as you need to. 

Map your destination

Nothing can get your trip off course faster than not being able to find your destination. While the Maps application built in to Windows Phone provides directions, driving to a destination sometimes calls for detours and re-routes and you really need a proper personal navigation system.

Luckily for you, the Nokia Lumia line features Nokia Drive, an exclusive GPS satellite navigation app that will get you to your direction just like a the GPS solutions you’ve used in the past. Best of all – Nokia Drive is absolutely free for all Nokia phone owners.

One of my favorite features of Nokia Drive is the applications’ ability to work even when your signal cuts out, as long as you’ve pre-loaded your Maps before you head out. If your trip takes you to areas with no mobile coverage, consider this option!

Don’t be caught without these apps

WeatherView: There are lots of great weather applications in the Windows Marketplace, but a readers’ favorite is WeatherView. WeatherView combines an attractive interface along with informative forecasts for the next 10 days.  One protip – pin a live tile for the location you’re headed to so you can always stay abreast of the weather ahead.

My Trips: TripIt is an amazing utility no traveler should be without. Yes, there’s an official TripIt app for Windows Phone, but MyTrips is a better app because it’s faster and gets you to the data you need in an efficient manner.

Yelp: Yelp is a widely used reviews app that’s great for finding coffee shops, restaurants and hotels while on the go. I recently went to Indianapolis and found two amazing spots to eat, just by relying on Yelp to tell me where to go. It’s a vacationers’ must-have.

GasBuddy: Gas is at all-time high prices here in the United States, so we’re out to save pennies when we can. GasBuddy is a location-based application that gives you gas prices, plain and simple. Don’t over-pay when cheaper gas may be just a few blocks away!

What are your must-have accessories or apps to make your Lumia roadtrip a success?  Shout out below!

Photo credit:  Philipp Klinger Photography

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