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June 3, 2012

The Big Debate: Music on your phone or on a second device?

Yes, yes, it’s time for the Nokia Connects Big Debate again, and today we are going to be talking about how and what we listen to our music on.

As smartphones have developed over the years, we’ve seen them rapidly increase our productivity, connectivity, entertainment and ability to do almost everything we need to – to some extent – on the move.

When it comes to music, I remember the days when we didn’t have the option of music on our mobiles, when walkmans, CD players, mini disc players and standalone MP3 players were responsible for the majority of our tunes.

The Big Debate: Music on your phone or on a second device?

All My Personal Stereos, From Teenage to Slightly Grown Up. (1995 - 2005). Ver 2.0
via Sifter

So how much has that changed now? I’ve seen and know a fair number of people who still carry a music player as well as their phone. Is this because their phone isn’t large enough to hold all of their favourite ‘must have’ songs?

Personally I try to keep everything on one phone, which luckily enough for me is a white Lumia 900 (more on the Lumia 900 from Maximus and Sam). Though, I pretty much fill it to bursting with JUST music. Sometimes this still isn’t enough… especially when I’m going on a trip somewhere and will be without my PC for a while.

I need to keep everything on USB sticks and take a laptop with me just so I can completely switch it up if I need to. It may sound over the top, but that’s how I roll.

So to conclude my perspective, I do keep it all on one device, but I need to carry alternative music with the rest of my day-to-day gear.

White Lumia 900 from the front
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But how about you, how do you run your playlist, do you have just one phone with all the music you need, or do you use two devices or something in between or completely different?

Let us know in the comments section or reach out on Twitter.