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June 4, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #22

It’s here again, the day some of us dread but some of us bounce up out of bed, full of the joys, ready and willing to enjoy another week. Monday. The Boomtown Rats didn’t like them, and the Bangles thought they were manic. Here at Nokia Connects? They just make us smile.

via MocoLoco

News from the news desk now, about desks. Not usually a subject that you’d associate with smiles, but a couple of new desk designs have made me do just that this week. First up is the ‘stealth desk’ above, inspired by an actual fighter jet the design lets you fly beneath the radar for those moments when you just don’t want to be seen.

Also this week, a desk that is a table that’s a bureau. Neat storage.


Now I’m only usually allowed one Star Wars link in each MMSM, and this week I had an overload to choose from. I could have gone with DeathStarPR – a site that pays tongue-in-cheek homage to the films by including posts such as Terrible Yoda Advice. Or I could have chosen these funky climbing wall holds that include the Falcon, R2D2’s head and the Death Star. But instead I opted for the R2D2 hoodie. Because…well, just because it makes me smile. And I’m getting one.

via Gizmodo


**Cute alert**

Not normally known for having a soft side, I couldn’t help but include this video in MMSM this week. It’s the moment that a baby penguin meets something that is not a penguin (spoiler – it’s a human).

via Discovery News

This made me smile all day. The curiosity of the fluffy bird is incredible, and the patience of Joel Oleson is to be commended.


Fresh off their success at being included in MMSM’s Quick Grins a couple of weeks ago, those students at M.I.T. (probably different ones, come to think of it – the Mario Kart guys are too busy having fun and dropping banana skins) have come up with a solution to that age-old issue – the ketchup that sticks in the glass bottle. Yep, you thought that had been solved with the squeezy plastic bottle, but the boffins disagree. They invented LiquiGlide, a substance that coats the bottle on the inside, and allows free flowing ketchup goodness.

I’m sure this will make a lot of you smile


Your Grins

Sent to me on Twitter by Christian Trohin, this video of a kid being woken up by his parents. In the best way I have *ever seen*. Made me smile so much.

Truly magnificent.

Regular readers of MMSM (and the Future Tech series) will know I have a fondness for robots. So when my friend Alex sent me the link to a video he made, I naturally thought it worthy of inclusion here. Johnny 5 is alive (and now called George)! His sheer perseverance made me smile.

via ALEXGLEE Productions


So what has made you smile this week? Any stories, links, or photos that you think should be included next week? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a line on Twitter (using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag).