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Podcast apps for Nokia Lumia

When it comes to catching up on some news, or listening to your favourite radio show, nothing quite beats a podcast app. It’s the perfect tool to use when you’re out-and-about – on a morning commute, for example. Here are a handful of podcast apps that’ll have you tuning in for more, on your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

TuneIn Radio – Free

TuneIn menu

TuneIn on now

TuneIn Radio is more than just a podcast app; it’s an all-inclusive radio app capable of tuning into local and global radio stations from wherever you are in the world. However, sometimes you have something very specific you want to listen to and a radio just won’t do that job.

In the podcast section of the app you can browse for podcasts by different categories, or just type in what you’re looking for in the search bar at the top.

There’s a multitude of podcasts to choose from a huge library of stations and channels. If you’re into sport, there’s the ESPN channel. If it’s entertainment you’re after, the Chris Moyles Show is just one option. Or, maybe you want something a little more energetic? Try the Rock/Metal section in the music channel.

Whatever it is you’re into, TuneIn Radio offers over 50,000 stations and 1.2 million on-demand streams for you to choose from. All of which can be pinned to your home screen for easy access at any point.

BBC Podcast Lounge – Free

BBC Podcast Lounge featured

BBC Podcast Lounge playing

If it’s just BBC podcasts you like to listen too, then this app will have them all. It’s an amalgamation of the many different radio stations from the BBC, including Radio 2 – the most popular British domestic radio station, and BBC Radio 4 – the home of thought provoking discussion and spoken-word programmes.

With full integration to the Music + Video hub, background audio playback, programme homescreen pinning and over 350 unique programmes in its catalogue, BBC Podcast Lounge is great app for all those BBC fans.

Simply Podcast – Free

Simply Podcast subscribed

Simply Podcast list

Once loaded, this app will automatically subscribe you to a selection of podcasts ranging from WPCentral Podcast, Onion News Network or Daily Bacon (that’s Richard, not the cured meat) to get you started.

To add more podcasts to your subscription list, you’ll need to press the add button at the bottom and then enter URL of the rss feed of the podcast. While this might seem like hard work for those who prefer a point and click interface, this does allow you to sign up for the more niche, obscure podcasts that you might not always find in the usual catalogues.

Podcasts! – Free

Podcasts! main screen

Podcasts! recent and favourites

With Podcasts! you can search for video podcasts as well as audio podcasts, which separates this app apart from some the others mentioned above. There’s also the added bonus of being able to download the podcast onto your Nokia Lumia for easy listening, or watching, later on when you haven’t got an Internet connection. Something not all podcast apps offer.

Podcasts! plays the audio in the background – as well as downloads selected episodes – while you’re performing other tasks. Deep OS integration means that you can access your podcasts right from within the Music + Video hub, too.

These podcast apps are available for the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900

How do you listen to your podcasts? Do you use any other podcast apps? Let us know, below.