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June 8, 2012

The Week in Pictures

It’s been a wet and rainy one here at the Nokia Connects headquarters in London, but that hasn’t stopped ‘Jubilee fever‘ from taking over the city – and the country! So to kick off this week’s Week in Pictures, here’s an image that sums up the week: a massive Union Jack cake!

via renbehan

1. Spaced Out

This week has been very special astronomically-speaking, as the planet Venus made a rare trek right across the surface of the sun (well, from the perspective of the Earth, that is!). This rare sight won’t happen again for another 105 years! But if you missed it, here’s a great photo from Austin Kurtz showing the black outlines of Venus and a jet liner silhouetted against the sun:

via wired

2. The Enterprise’s last journey

Keeping on the space theme, this week also saw the last journey of legendary NASA Space Shuttle, the Enterprise. The Shuttle was sailed up the Hudson and moved to its final resting place on the deck of the USS Intrepid. This pic captures the moment when the Enterprise passed by the Statue of Liberty:

via theepochtimes

3. Hydro Shoes

We’ve all heard of walking on water, but how about flying on water? With a pair of these hydro shoes on, you can do just that! Apparently, these have been around for some time now (mental note to add ‘hydro shoes’ to Christmas wish-list), but made a star appearance in Sopot, on the Baltic Sea this week on the eve of the Euro 2012 championships opening football match.

via Yahoo

4. Geek Eye Makeup

As the only woman on the Nokia Connects team, I can sometimes feel a little machoed-out by all the testosterone flying around here (ahem!), so what better to lighten my mood this week than the revelation that I can combine geekiness and womanliness together in one fell swoop of eyeshadow?! Simply brilliant.

via Cnet

5. Sunset on a Nokia N8

I sense a bit of a geek-techno-space-sronaut (that’s a word, honest!) theme developing in this week’s Week in Pictures, so here’s a great shot of a beautiful sunset taken by Nitish Murthy on his N8. Ahhh!

via Nitish Murthy

That’s all folks! Got any pics you want us to know about? Then you know where to send them!