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Continuing in a series we’re calling “What’s on your home screen?”, we’re asking bloggers how they are using their Nokia Lumia phones in interesting or unique ways.

Today, we’re continuing with Lenny Bonsignore, the editor in chief of

So, Lenny, what’s on your home screen?

As a long time Symbian user, I was a major skeptic when the announcement was made that February day that the company was going to embrace Windows Phone. However, fast forward to today and I’m using a Cyan Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T and used the Lumia 800 before that. I’m no longer a skeptic but a believer.

The thing I loved about Symbian was how you can customize it, having my homescreen set up, with quick access to my favorite apps or needs, and really wasn’t sure how it would pan out on Windows Phone, as it is just the one screen basically that will show you any kind of information, but it has live tiles, and that makes a world of difference.

Lenny's First Homescreen

Let me touch on the one screen for a second, as it’s really just a matter of just getting used to swiping up and down rather than side to side.

Lenny's second homescreen

I like to have all my sports or media in one section, my messaging and Internet in another, mapping and navigation in one more. To me, it’s like squared off home screens that I just scroll up or down to for easy access, like shown below.

Lenny's third homescreen

Here is a list of the apps you will find on my home screen:

RapDialer: This is a great app coming from Symbian, it basically allows me to use my dial pad for contact search, or a quick text, speed dial etc. and its free in Windows Marketplace.

Toggle: Another great app for me.  With Symbian I had quick access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and profiles. Toggle allows me that same access, and I can go to airplane mode, enable and disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the data connection, or pin these to my home screen for instant access. 

Slacker: This is very similar to Pandora or Fandora on Windows Phone. It basically gives the same functionality but an added plus is that the music continues to play after a call, and I can pin my favorite slacker station or genre of music right to my home screen for instant access.

Metro Radio: This is another Pandora Alternative with all the features, streaming stations, liking, disliking songs, album art and more.

Stop The Music:  This does exactly what it says, its stops your music, no need to go to  music application, or reboot phone, no accidentally pressing the play button , music controls are removed from the volume buttons.

There are a plenty other apps I use, here are a few more.


NBA Game Time Lite


Flight Aware

There are so many great Twitter apps that I use every day, including RowiMehdohCarbon and finally Twabbit.

I have to say that I’m very comfortable with Windows Phone and the Live Tiles, and I feel very much “at home” in this new mobile operating system.

I was a skeptic to begin with but the speed, integration, simplicity and stability more than makes up for the lack of features I was missing on Symbian.

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