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June 9, 2012

App Report: Nokia Trailers, Transport and Maps

A look at what’s been going on in the world of Nokia apps this week in the Nokia Connects App Report – we’ll be concentrating on a trio from the Nokia suite of applications that you *will* want to have on your phone.

via WPCentral

Daniel Rubino has posted about Nokia Trailers – the latest in the suite of exclusive apps available on the Nokia Lumia family of phones – and highlights features such as the ‘cool Live Tile’ and the fact that the app ‘pulls no punches’.

For a great look at the app, Rafe takes us through every aspect with his usual aplomb including looking at trailers, downloading, and finding a movie near you. He gives it the ‘thoroughly recommended’ seal of approval, mentioning the ease of use and great way to get content onto a Lumia.

via RafeAAS

Public transport’s mobile sites can be abysmal (believe me, I’ve tried a few), but struggling to input your location and desired route will be a thing of the past now with Nokia Transport 2.1 Beta. Available in many cities around the world, estimated routing gives you the exact method of how to reach where you want to be, and many of these cities also have detailed timetable information so you know exactly how long you will have to wait for the next bus/train/subway/ferry. Details are on the Nokia Betalabs site, but we’ll share the official video so you can get a feel for what to expect:

via Nokia

Rounding out this week’s trio of Nokia applications, Nokia Maps for Windows Phones has been updated, and it’s ‘more personal’ than ever. What Edwin Kee from Ubergizmo means by this is that now users can add their thoughts and even photos about a place to Nokia Maps, and save it for future users to read. As Ankita Katdare reports on Crazy Engineers, the start screen can now give instant access to the best route and getting directions for foot, car or public transport.

Which of these Nokia apps do you use regularly? We’d like to know, so drop us a comment below, or let us know @Nokia_Connects using the #NCAppReport tag.