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June 9, 2012

CNN iReport: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Last weekend, you may have noticed a little celebration happening in England. That celebration was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations (though I’m sure you knew that). Aside from the beautiful Flotilla, star studded concert and copious street parties that took place, Nokia Connects and CNN were getting in on the act.

16 iReporters ventured into the heart of London as we invited them to immerse themselves in a day of mobile journalism. They hit the streets armed with the brand new Nokia Lumia 900, briefed to capture the untold magic of the royal festivities.

Happy/Wet Jubileers

For those of you unaware of iReport, here’s a little explanation. iReport is CNN’s user-generated platform, it allows anyone from around the globe to contribute pictures and videos of breaking news stories from their own unique perspective, each story can then be submitted to the CNN website. The ‘iReporter app’ is available on Windows and Symbian phones, and allows anyone to capture and upload their stories wherever they are.

Pretty cool huh? With that in mind, here’s how our 16 budding iReporters got on over their Jubilee weekend…

The day kicked off at CNN HQ with a Mobile journalism workshop where  the iReporters had breakfast and were presented with their iReporter kit bags.

Nokia Connects: iReporter kit bags, filled with CNN merchandise, detachable micro lenses and a Lumia 900!

The iReporters were then briefed by CNN’s Dominique Van Heerden about what they could expect from their day’s activity as well as being brought fully up to speed on the functionality of the iReporter app.

Nokia Connects: Nokia/CNN Workshop

Once the iReporters were fully briefed and kitted up with their iReporter kit bags, they went out on location to get stuck in with their Lumia 900’s – and the festivities surrounding the day – particularly all the happy/wet Jubileers! From there, they were encouraged to submit their Diamond Jubilee themed stories via the CNN iReport app.

Nokia Connects: iReporter Andrew Binner on the streets on London capturing a story

Nokia Connects: A great story can be found anywhere!

Nokia Connects: It was amazing to see how people can all embrace the spirit of the day

We’d like to thank the iReporters for coming down and making the day such a success!….

Andy Johnson (The Entourage)iReport

Robert PorteriReport

Nicky HendersoniReport

Kiri BlooreiReport

Samual Selmon (Anthology of Thoughts)iReport

Mashaal MiriReport

Andrew BinneriReport

John FernandeziReport

Kasia SwicaiReport

Prateik Pothuneed (Writing as little as I can)iReport