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Now this is an invention!

Do you often want to go for a jog but lack a companion to jog with? Do you find it more difficult to cover longer distances with another’s encouragement? There’s a robot for that.

The invention, called ‘Joggobot’, flies a few feet in front to encourage the jogger to keep going.

Users can program the helicopter with a smartphone app to control the pace and height it stays at.

A camera on the drone locks onto a blue and orange marker on the runner’s T-shirt to ensure that the two stay together.

There is a ‘companion mode’ which makes the device stick to the jogger’s pace, and a ‘coach mode’ to encourage a more challenging speed.”

We are drifting closer and closer to the future promised us by the science-fiction films of our past.

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese street drink made of tea, syrup and tapioca balls and it’s sweeping Paris.

“Bubble tea, a phenomenon that originated in Taiwan, has made a successful foray into Paris, with long queues often to be seen at shops operated by young Taiwanese people in downtown districts of the world’s culinary capital.”

As someone who has yet to understand the great pomegranate wave of the early 2000s and the coconut water blast of the past three years I’m sure this is just the beginning of the bubble tea wave. Prepare yourselves.