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June 12, 2012

RoboCop & the Long-Squat Toilet: There Is No Common Thread

And now we have Robocop.

China (where else?) has developed a six and a half foot tall robot police officer capable of both receiving and transmitting messages to actual police officers. (I was sincerely disappointed when I found they were not arming the robot.) I don’t imagine a device such as this would work in tougher cities (Newark, Dublin, any other one) but it seems to be effective in China.

From the article:

As one might expect, the monitoring center set up to answer 110 calls made from the robots has reported numerous false alarms resulting from curious passersby and mischievous children who just can’t resist pushing the button… the beautiful, shiny button, the jolly, candy-like button. Who could resist?

Prank calls aside, statistics released by the Kunming PD state that since “China’s RoboCop” took up his duties, crimes committed in Kunming have dropped an astonishing 68.8%.

Sometimes, when I imagine China, I imagine a child’s playroom with all of the toys having been built by geniuses.

There was a report, which you READ HERE, stating Taiwan stole the show at a recent invention show in Sicily. Most of the story was easily glossed over but not this paragraph:

Another winner was a unique floor designed to accompany water-saving squat toilets. The design uses special angles and grooves to help users get up easier and reduce the numbness in their legs from squatting for extended periods of time.

No I don’t understand the science of the object but I’ve already made inquiries as to how I’ll get on the waiting list once the prototype is adapted and produced.