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Ten apps from Nokia Store for your Nokia Belle and MeeGo smartphones

The Nokia Store has thousands upon thousands of apps, games, themes, and other great content for you to download onto your Nokia phone.

We’ve plucked out ten of the newest apps in the Store, for your Nokia Belle and MeeGo smartphone.


Belle Extra Buttons

Belle Extra Buttons – £1.00
Just when you thought you’d have all the touch buttons you’ll ever need, there’s now the option to add another two to the toolbar section at the bottom of the screen.

These two new buttons can be customised to suits your needs. You might like to add the task switcher button, the restart phone button, or the power saving mode button. You’ve also got the ability to add up to 12 installed apps or features into an expandable box – making it even quicker to launch for favourite apps.

2Do Free

2Do Free – £Free
Keeping on top of things at work or at home can be a never-ending chore. Remember this, remember that. Sometimes we all need a little help. That’s where a good to-do list proves very useful.

2Do Free is a free app that provides you with the ability to add up to six entries into your to-do list. If you want to add more entries, there’s 2Do Pro – costing £1.00.

Life is full of tasks of varying importance. Luckily, with 2Do, you can allocate certain tasks an importance level: important, normal or low. That way, if you have to prioritise something, you’ll know what is more pressing on your time.

Create a to-do title, any further details you might need to know and you can also add a time and date this needs to be completed by. When you’ve got round to completing a task, just tick it off your list. Job done.


UCount – £Free
If keeping a watchful eye on your finances isn’t your thing, then the chances are that you’ll probably need someone else to do it. You don’t want to dip into the red, do you?

However, accountants can be expensive. Use the UCount app, instead. With this app, you can keep a record of what you’re spending – and on what – and how much money you’ve got coming in. This way, you’ll always know if you’re spending too much and whether of not you can buy those new shoes – or wait until next payday.

And for anybody worried about unwelcome eyes peering into your accounts, the password protection leaves your spending habits private.

One Contact

One Contact – £Free
If you have somebody special in your life that you contact more regularly than any others, bring them to your homescreen using One Contact.

This new widget enables you to decide whether to send someone a text message or to phone them, with only one press from their allocated home screen widget.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors – £Free
Now for something fun. If you’re lucky enough to have a Nokia Belle smartphone with NFC functionality, you can play the most classic game of all with your friends, just by touching your phones together.

Rock Paper Scissors is more a game of luck, rather than skill, but it’s a fun game nonetheless. If you pull out a pair of scissors and your opponent pulls out paper, well, we all know that scissors cut paper. So, the scissors wins. Pull out a rock against the competitors scissors, and the rock wins. That’s one blunt pair of scissors.

Using NFC for this games adds a fun twist to a classic game.


Volume + as Camera Button

Volume+ as Camera Button – £1.00
Taking photos on your Nokia N9 always produces some quality results. However, there have been whispers on the Web that people might prefer a physical camera button, rather then using an onscreen capture key. This app adds that functionality.

Using the volume + (up) button as your photo capture key, you’ll be able to hold your phone steadily in your hand and press the key on the side of the phone. No more do you have to loosen your grip and press the onscreen key. It’s just easier this way.

FM Radio N9 (RDS)

FM Radio N9 (RDS) – £1.50
If you’re into listening to music, but would rather tune into a radio station than press play on the same old MP3 over and over again, then you’ll need this app.

Onboard the Nokia N9 is an FM radio receiver which allows you to listen to local radio stations. You’ll need a wired handsfree headset for it to work as that acts as the antennae.

Using the famous N9 swipe gestures, you can change stations by simply running your finger left or right. You can also scan the channels manually, if you’d prefer.


ShotMee – £Free
For those not familiar with running a blog and often wonder how we get screenshots of our phones for you all to see, we use something called a screenshot app. ShotMee is the one that I use when on my Nokia N9.

To get started, just launch the app and then minimise it. If you want to take a screenshot of whatever is currently on your screen, just double-tap the side of the phone and the image will be saved into your phone’s gallery.

It really couldn’t be simpler.


Molome – £Free
What’s the point of taking a photo if it’s only going to sit in your gallery for the remainder of your phone’s life. You want to jazz it up a bit and post it for all to see.

MOLOME adds filters to your photos and changes the appearance a little. You can add a frame to your photo, change the colour slightly to make it look like it was taken in the 70s or add some blurry edges for the dreamy effect.

However you change your photo, you’re then ready to share it via your social networks. Plus, the MOLOME community can also rate your images to launch you to Internet stardom.


Velocimeter – £1.00
How fast are you running? How fast are you free-falling out of that aeroplane? You might want an app that can measure those speeds, accurately. Thankfully, this is one such app.

Velocimeter is a GPS based speedometer that features an analog and digital speedometer with measurements displayed in km/h, mp/h and knots. If you want to track the average speed in a journey, find out how high you are travelling and Velocimeter will let you know.

Have you tried any of these apps, yet? Give them a download and let us know if you like them,  or not, using the comments section below.