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June 13, 2012

Two Entirely Unique Paths Toward Helping the Human Brain

Robotics technologies are not only being utilized to encourage your jogging habits or stop Chinese street crime. Robotics technologies are now being used in Israel to conduct brain surgeries and the initial phases of testing have been major successes. (Israel continues to be a world leader in medical innovation.)

The technology was developed by Mazor Robotics.

From the article:

Israel continues to be a global center of innovation in the fields of medicine and technology. On June 11, 2012, Mazor Robotics announced that its robotic guidance technology was successfully used in the first ever robot-guided brain surgical procedures. The surgeries were conducted at HSK Hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Neurosurgeons Dr. In-Se Kim and Prof. Robert Schönmayr performed these first three brain surgeries using Mazor Robotics technology after the hospital had great success using the Israeli company’s products for robotically guided spinal surgeries. “As one of the first medical centers globally to adopt robotic technology for spine surgeries, we are very proud to also be the first to expand its use to brain surgeries,” said Prof. Schönmayr.

Wide spread use of robotic guidance technologies for brain surgeries hasn’t yet been approved in either Europe or the United States, where it’s in a testing phase. Regulatory approval for the brain application of the robotic guidance technology is pending and Mazor hopes to be able to market the brain application early in 2013.

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