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June 15, 2012

Machines Makings Both Beds & Pizza…What's Next?


Remember when you were 10 years old? (I am 30 and I barely do so don’t feel bad.) Your mother would ask you to make the bed and you would do a sort of slapdash, just-make-sure-the-mattress is covered thing with the sheets and  comforter. You knew the work was terrible. You weren’t proud of it. But at 10 years old, short of smoking cigarettes and making yourself sick, this was your only available avenue for rebellion.

Well, find another avenue. A Spanish entrepreneur has invented a bed that makes itself. From the piece:

The bed works by automatically making itself seconds after a human leaves the bed. The duvet and sheets are neatly arranged, while the pillows are lifted up and out of the way. The whole process takes roughly 50 seconds. 

In just one minute relationships between children and parents can be repaired across the globe.

When an American spends any significant time in London, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the British have no respect for pizza. They put moronic things like corn on it. They display old slices in glass cases with all the class and affection of an Amsterdam back alley. For 5 pounds you can usually find yourself at an all-you-can-eat type setting where “all” refers to how much you can eat without feeling stinging pains in your undercarriage. This doesn’t just happen in London. It happens all across the continent. And it has gotten progressively worse each day.

Now there is a pizza vending machine in Europe and the folks who have created this catastrophe (Italian) are crossing the sea.

Move aside, sushi robots — there’s a new automated chef in town. Thanks to Italian inventor Claudio Torghel, for the past three years Europe has enjoyed vending machine pizza, made from scratch in two-and-a-half minutes flat. Now, its distributor, A1 Concepts, plans to bring the contraption to the U.S.

The machines, aptly named “Let’s Pizza,” will likely be installed in malls, airports, supermarkets, colleges, gas and bus stations and hospitals. A1 Concepts’ CEO Ronald Rammers explained to that the pies cook at such a fast rate because of the infra-red oven.

It’s innovative. And gross. Sometimes the line is thin.