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June 15, 2012

Tech today – featuring Burritob0t

Tech time – a quick round up of what’s grabbed our attention at Nokia Connects in the techosphere over the last day or so.

This machine is the latest in the wave of 3D printing (as highlighted not so long ago on these pages). Instead of making a prosthetic leg or a pencil pot, though, this printer will make you dinner. Oh yes people, Burritob0t is alive!

via TechCrunch

So awesome that you can even customise the amounts of certain ingredients, this could be coming to a restaurant/kitchen near you soon!


via Tree Hugger

Tech can make your garden even more eco-friendly – from recycled plastic planting beds (as seen above) to kneeling pads made from old tyres (or tires, depending on where you are reading this) – someone somewhere has harnessed the power of technology to make sustainable products.


Teaching a baby to learn a language is one of the most rewarding (if a little frustrating) things you can spend your time doing. Which is presumably why researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have bothered to teach DeeChee – a humanoid robot – basic shape/colour recognition.

Written up in a prominent journal, this could be a breakthrough in embodied cognition – the process of learning language by frequency of sound patterns.


Something for everyone there, from the gardeners amongst us, to the teachers, to those hungry-for-Mexican-food. Seen anything we could include in the next round up? Let us know below, or drop us a link on Twitter.