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June 18, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #24

Another week, another 5 days of seemingly endless drudgery for most – everywhere but here at Nokia Connects, of course!

via Laughing Squid

Last week (as if you didn’t know already and haven’t had it marked in your calendar since January) it was National Beef Jerky day in North America. To celebrate, a jerky company employed an artist – Jason Mercier – to make a portrait of Sasquatch from their product. While I have to give Jason respect for attempting the project, can’t help but think it turned out looking a little like a camp Chewbacca (which made me smile). Can’t wait to see what they come up with for National Turkey, Chicken and Salmon Jerky days….


I bet when Carl Orff wrote ‘O Fortuna’ he never had a clue that this would happen. I agree, the words are very hard to pick out when sung en masse by a choir (also that they are in medieval Latin). But even I can tell ‘Green chalk can taste like hippies’ probably wasn’t the intended sentence:

Still, the video is well worth watching for the animations alone. The juxtaposition of classical music and angry guy meme cartoons is jarring, but very funny. Made me smile.


If your faith in humanity needed any restoring this fine (or not fine) Monday morning, I defy you not to smile at one or more of these photos.

via Ned Hardy

I know that there is goodness in the world, there’ll always be people who put others before themselves and that random acts of kindness do exist (I’ve even been a part of a few), but this collection just made me smile.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me bring to your attention a short film called ‘Flatten’. Brought to my attention by the guys at This Is Colossal, artists Hugo de Kok and Kay van Vree have taken various foods and…well…flattened them.

Mesmerizing. The eggs especially looked like they were talking to each other. Or smiling.


Quick Grins

I have seen lots of wake-up prank videos online over the years, but this one sent in by Christian is a beauty. Warning, NSFW for language.

I nearly got through an entire MMSM without mentioning Lego. Until I found this Lord Of The Rings battle and this Inception mock up.

Also, I nearly got through an entire MMSM without mentioning Star Wars (or did I?). Until I found this budgie that sounds like R2D2.

What’s made you smile this week? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box, or drop me a tweet using #MakeMeSmileMonday.