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June 18, 2012

Tackling Beer, Savoring Wine: Alcohol's Next Pour

I would love to describe the Rugbeer, a beer vending machine that dispenses product after being tackled rugby-style, in my own words. But I don’t like to overuse exclamation points and I would need to overuse exclamation in order to project my enthusiasm for the concept. From the article in the New York Daily News:

An Argentinean beer maker has created a vending machine that requires drinkers to tackle the dispenser à la rugby players — the country’s second unofficial sport after soccer.

To promote the brand in the northern Salta Province, Cerveza Salta has rolled out the Rugbeer, a machine akin to carnival strongman games constructed with a built-in sensor that requires consumers to tackle the machine in order to get their beverage, reported trendspotting site this week.

In an era when beer companies are engaged in a never-ending marketing battle that includes blue mountains, push-tops and cooler boxes it seems South America has devised a truly innovative way to promote a product.

Here is the video:

…and now for something completely different. Well, not so much.

The French know a lot of things. They know how to perfectly cook bread. They know how to smoke cigarettes without it looking gross. They know how to make sexy motion pictures. They know how to make the accordion cool. Perhaps what they know best is wine. And they’re attempting to perfect how to consume it.

The tulip-shaped glass, with a wide flat base and a vertical “chimney”, will prevent the alcohol from overpowering the aroma of wine when the glass is swirled, according to Baccarat, a maker of luxury crystal glassware.

The design prevents the usual large-scale swirling movement which oxidises the wine and burns off the delicate aromas, and retains the subtlety in the vintages, the firm said.

“This is revolutionary. This is a design that is geared towards revealing the wine,” said Baccarat general manager for Greater China Francois Mainetti.

Admit it. Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, your kitchen will up its classiness level tenfold by having of set of these glasses on display.