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Nokia 808 PureView White for NAM

 Nokia is responding to consumer interest and is working together with to launch the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone in the United States. 

The revolutionary smartphone will be available unlocked and unsubsidized through U.S. consumers will be able to purchase the Nokia 808 PureView for $699 and use it with a compatible SIM card from AT&T. It will also work with T-Mobile. – but only at 2G speeds. 

UPDATE: We incorrectly stated that the Nokia 808 PureView would only work with T-Mobile at 2G speeds. This was caused by an error in the spec sheet. We’re sorry about any confusion. The Nokia 808 PureView works just fine with T-Mobile in the United States.

The Nokia 808 PureView features a 41-megapixel sensor with our highest performance Carl Zeiss optics to date and Nokia’s brand-new pixel oversampling technology.

PureView technology means that taking typically sized shots, the camera can use oversampling to combine up to seven pixels into one “pure” pixel, eliminating the visual noise found on other mobile phone cameras. See how the phone stacked up against competitors across the industry in a recent blind test by GSMarena readers.

Nokia 808 PureView White 2 for NAM

On top of that, you can zoom in up to 3X without losing any of the details in your shot and there are no artificially created pixels in your picture, either.

The Nokia 808 PureView also includes full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom and the world’s first use of Nokia Rich Recording, which enables audio recording at CD-like levels of quality, previously only possible with external microphones

This revolutionary technology has been the culmination of years of hard work by our imaging team, and the Nokia 808 PureView has been met with overwhelming interest from consumers all over the world. Working with, we’re making sure that the interest we’ve seen in the United States is being met. Elements of Nokia’s PureView technology will be integrated into future Windows Phone devices.

Pre-sales start on later this week.  Sign up right here to be notified when the Nokia PureView 808 is on sale.