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June 19, 2012

Wearable tech you never knew existed

Well, you might have known about it or read about it somewhere, but not all in one place with the inimitable Nokia Connects twist.

via Mashable

Wearable tech could soon cover you from head to toe. From your glasses (or contacts) down to your watch and spray-on shirt, technology is all-pervasive. The level of tech available now, to buy today, is amazing to me, but what’s coming in the near future is stunning. Like this piece of wearable tech that will be of use to all you exercise nuts out there. A material that gets cooler the higher your body temperature rises – meaning the sweatiest of us will be the coolest. I can imagine this finding its way into athlete’s kit very soon.

As we saw a couple of months ago, Nokia are at the leading edge of wearable technology, making plans to have tattoo ink that will vibrate when you receive a call or message. The best thing? It can be sprayed on, so those with trypanophobia* can relax. But it’s not only here that technology is moving on in leaps and bounds.

via BBC News

Suzanne Lee grows her clothes in a bathtub. I’m not making this up. From a brew of green tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast she grows biodegradable material that can she can form into garments by molding them, or drying out the sheets and using them like regular cloth or leather. It’s a long process, no doubt, but a great indication of how technology is moving fashion on in leaps and bounds. Imagine if she managed to make the material interactive and tech-infused. You could literally grow your own phone.

So that’s the tech that you can wear on your body. Have you got any ideas about growing your own clothes, or what we could combine to make a piece of technology you could wear? The comments box is now open, and we’d love to hear from you on Twitter, too.

*Trypanophobia is, as we all know, a fear of needles.