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Getting the most out of movie season with your Lumia

We’re in the midst of the biggest movie season of the year with blockbusters hitting us left and right. It seems every weekend a new action packed thriller or star-filled romantic comedy is released to draw audiences into the cineplexes.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to track down and find that perfect Friday night show to go see for a date or watching a film to help pass the time while you’re solo in a line, we have a suite of apps for your Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 800 or Lumia 710 that will help you keep up on all the cinematic action.

Making plans: what do you want to see?

Nokia Trailers was released just a few weeks ago and has gained a rising popularity. The app is an exclusive to Nokia Lumia phones and is perfect for watching trailers of upcoming and current films. To find Nokia Trailers, look in the Nokia Collection inside Marketplace on your Lumia phone.

Nokia Trailers - Campaign

 Set a reminder

One stand-out feature is the ability to download trailers for offline viewing. This would be perfect for showing your friends a trailer to see if they think the movie is worthy of a night out as well. In addition to offline viewing, Nokia Trailers lets you set a Watch list, which is a reminder list for movies you want to see with time-based alerts.

I like the fact that you can set a Live Tile on the homescreen to alert you when new trailers come out – that way you’re always ‘in the know’. Additionally, you can easily share the best movie trailers with friends and see which theaters near you are showing a chosen film.

Avoiding lines with Fandango

Ok, you’ve done it. You’ve gathered all your friends and decided to go see the big blockbuster that’s coming out Friday night. Now – what to do about those huge lines for buying tickets? Relax. You can skip the line by planning ahead and having your Lumia on you.

Load up Fandango – the number one app for viewing and purchasing tickets to movies in your area. Fandango also has features film lovers will enjoy including cast info, reviews, fan reviews and tweets that provide a critics’ sentiment of how individual movies stack up against the competition.

Buy your ticket with Fandango

 See film tweets in Fandango

To purchase a ticket, on a films’ page inside Fandango, slide over to showtimes. You can then see all the theaters that are showing the film and by clicking the orange Buy button, you’ll pre-purchase your ticket, all from your phone.

One tip: be sure to pin your ticket confirmation to your homescreen for easy retrieval when you’re at the theatre to see your movie.

Watching a movie on demand

If you’re traveling this summer or maybe waiting in a line, sometimes you get the urge to watch a movie while on-the-go. Netflix is a perfect solution as it provides thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. The app is available in the Marketplace and with an active Netflix subscription, you can see movies via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

Movie listings on Netflix

 Popular titles

The Lumia 900 is a perfect mobile Netflix experience for two reasons. First of all, that gorgeous 4.3″ display shows movies with perfect color and dark blacks. Also, the Lumia 900 has a ClearBlack Display, which is visible in the bright sunshine of summer.

Lastly, Netflix on Lumia syncs with the other devices you watch movies on, so if you watch half of a film at home on your TV, you can pick up right where you left off on your mobile.

Voddler: also a great service

Voddler is another video-on-demand service that is very focused on a social watching experience. The app is a Nokia Lumia exclusive.

Check out our full article on Voddler for additional details.

Do you use your mobile to help discover and consume movies? What is your favorite service?

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