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A fantastic new range of Nokia apps that will add new features and improvements are coming to your Lumia smartphone over the next few weeks.

In addition, an exciting new partnership with Zynga is announced that will make hit games like Words With Friends and Draw Something available for Lumia smartphone owners for a couple of months.

The new Nokia apps will be available starting this week in a phased approach, so you might have to be a little patient. However, we’re sure that they’re worth waiting for!

Each will bring new great functions and enhance your Lumia smartphone experience so let’s go through each app in more detail.

Camera Extras

Camera screenshot

This new camera app enhances your smartphone’s camera considerably. It adds new settings that will allow you to take pictures that you’ve never been able to take before.

  • Smart Group Shot: Capture great group shots in just one attempt by choosing the best faces from a burst
  • Action Shot: Capture fast-moving action shots with just one click and significantly improved shooting speed
  • Panorama: This new control feature makes it easy to capture beautiful panorama shots by finding the image in the sequence
  • Self-timer: Set up your Lumia on a stand and get yourself into more photos
Camera screenshot

This will be available in Marketplace for the US and China by June 22nd. It will be available for all other countries in July.

Contact Share

Contact Share screenshot

Tired of writing out phone numbers and contact information to pass onto a friend? This new app is a quick and easy way of sharing your contacts via SMS or email.


Counters is an innovative way of monitoring your Lumia usage and even setting up limits. This is particularly useful where you have call-time or data allowances from your operator and to make sure you do not incur extra costs.

Contact Share and Counters will be in Marketplace for China by June 22nd. It will be available for all other countries by July.


PlayTo screenshot

Many of us now have several devices, such as a TVs or Blu-Ray players, connected to a network. PlayTo will allow you to share pictures, videos and music from your Lumia smartphone to other DLNA –enabled devices on your network.

PlayTo will be in Marketplace globally by June 22nd.

Zynga Games

Words with Friends screenshot

It’s not just new functionality and features to look forward to. There’s fun, too.

From the autumn, you will be able to download Zynga’s world-beating games, Words With Friends and Draw Something, for your Lumia.

For a couple of months after launch, both these games will be available in the Nokia Collection before releasing generally on Windows Phone Marketplace.

We will be taking a closer looking at both the Zynga games in the coming weeks.

Software update for Lumia 800 and 710

As if new apps and new games titles were not enough, a new software update for the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710 is also being released globally from June 27th in a phased update through Zune. This update will be required to take advantage of many of the new apps above.

This latest version of the Lumia software brings three long-awaited experiences to your Lumia 710 or 800: the introduction of Internet sharing, Flip-to-Silence and media streaming from your phone.

Further updates coming

Elsewhere, you may have read about the new Windows Phone 8. How does this affect your Lumia? Well, you are not being left out. All Lumia smartphones will be getting an update to give you some of the features of Windows Phone 8, including the new Start screen, as well as a pattern of ongoing updates going forward.

As ever, stay tuned.