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June 20, 2012

Germany Rock AM Ring

Calling all hard rockers. No, I’m not talking about those Hard Rock Cafe teddy bear owners out there, I’m talking to the hardcore rockers who have the the Rock AM Ring festival on their annual festival radar! We towered over the German festival this year – 66 metres above the event to be exact – with the Nokia Lumia Tower.

via wmpowerusers

Over 85,000 music lovers flocked to Nürburgring in west Germany for the annual Rock AM Ring , the country’s biggest rock festival. But this year they were in for a surprise. Nokia had a very special attraction lined up for Germany’s rock fans  – a 66 metre-high tower offering freefall rides to those brave enough to dare.

As if this wasn’t cool enough, the ride came equipped with a fleet of Nokia Lumia 900 phones that took pictures of the riders’ faces while in free fall. Once at the bottom, festival-goers could browse through their photos and upload them directly to Facebook.

Why? Because as Nokia Germany put it: ‘ Nokia Lumia smartphones do not just offer fast browsing thanks to its high-speed processors – they guarantee that you are always in touch with your friends and see with one glance what everyone is doing. High quality pictures can be shared in no time very easy on social networks. The fastest way to your friends was the motto!’

And if these pictures don’t give you enough of a thrill, then here’s a video to show you what the ride was like!

Did you take a freefall on the Nokia Lumia Tower? Tell us all about it and tweet us your photos @Nokia_Connects!