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June 20, 2012

Tech Today

There it is! Our 6th roundup of today’s greatest bits of technology from all around the web, featuring a futuristic cyclist suit, a robot chef and a portable scoreboard…


Ever felt like being more connected with your bike? Well, this suit is a concept which has been created by a group of students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. It would let users physically connect with their bicycle, allowing them to transfer data and energy between when cycling. Sounds great!


Tech can help you cooking much faster! Suzumo, a firm making sushi robots, created a robot specialized in inarizushi, a fishless sushi variety consisting of rice wrapped in pouches of fried tofu, which can make around 2,500 sushi per hour for just 50,000 dollars! Anyone interested?



Who has never started arguing with friends and colleagues over table tennis, a football game or a race? The Portable Electronic Scoreboard is designed for every sport or activity that you can count, score, or time and you can connect it to your computer or your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to control it and transfer data…

via Kickstarter

That’s it for today’s roundup. Drop us a comment or a tweet full of tech @Nokia_Connects if you’ve found a great piece that we’ve missed…