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LinkedIn on Nokia Lumia 800

Social networks are a great way of sharing what’s new in your life. Whether it be that new puppy you’ve just bought, your latest blog post, or your availability for new employment. The best place for the latter of those three updates would be to send it to your LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn app on your Nokia Lumia smartphone keeps you one touch away from finding that perfect job you’ve always wanted.

Social networks are all about connecting you with people you know, and on occasion, sometimes people you don’t. However, LinkedIn is a little different. It often reminds users to connect with people you truly know and who you may have done business with. This ensures that the professional connection between people is that much stronger.

LinkedIn already has over 161 million members in over 200 different countries, making this the world’s largest professional network and the perfect tool to show what you’re capable of, career-wise.

The LinkedIn app gives you access to all the things you’d expect to find on the online version.

LinkedIn Today


The LinkedIn Today tile within the app dynamically updates with the day’s latest LinkedIn news. If you see something you want to read later, you can save it to the saved section.

If you’re wanting to keep up-to-date with your LinkedIn groups, there’s the groups tile that also suggests other groups you might like to join.

Whether you’re looking for a change of career, or just looking to stay informed of what jobs are going in your field, hit the jobs tile. You’ll be presented with a list of suggested jobs. If you see something you think you’d like to apply for, scroll through the job description and contact the person who posted it.

Not only would you have just applied for that new dream job, but also made a contact who may contact you for future positions should this application not be accepted.

Then finally, there’s the You section. This is where you can see your own profile. You’ve also got access to your connections list, your latest updates, and a brief of your past and current employment history. From here you can also connect with new people through the people you may know section.

LinkedIn QR code

There’s much more to explore with this LinkedIn app, and we recommend you download it today and make some professional connections. It’s free and is available to download for the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900

Have you tried it? Let us know what you think of it, using the comments section below.