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June 21, 2012

Tech Today

Another day, another Tech Today post over at your favourite blog! Today we’re talking missile tracking technology applied to basketball, eye surgery and zombie killing!

Via Co.Design

Remember Brad Pitt and his maths guru trying to figure out Baseball with statistics in Moneyball? Well, replace the mathematics genius by a technology used to track missiles and you’re in for an awful lot of numbers. This innovation presumably already used by some NBA teams provides data susceptible to influence strategic decisions. By calculating how many miles one player runs or the number of passes during a game, it would be able to¬†accurately¬†determine crucial information such as a player’s worth.


Second in today’s tech tour takes us into a live stream of a patient going under the knife. But don’t panic yet! We’re talking eye surgery here and this is actually an operation that renders HD-like vision within 20 minutes. This is obviously a great news for those with blurry vision as well as a great example of how tech can significantly improve our everyday lives.



And last but not least, I wanted to shed some lights on the AR-15 Zombie Destroyer. If like me, you are envisaging every possible doomsday scenarios for December 21st of this year, you should know that a zombie apocalypse is one you need to prepare for. This monster weapon is already set to become the best-seller of Christmas 2012, check it out:

Via Geekologie

That’s all folks! Drop us a comment if you want to buy an AR-15 Zombie Destroyer or if you’ve watched the eye surgery live stream and tweet us @Nokia_Connects if you feel like we’ve missed something today!